Out of State Buyers

Dana Ford Will Ship Your Vehicle Nationwide!

The team at Dana Ford is excited to provide nationwide shipping to help buyers across the country find the vehicle of their dreams. We make the process easy and we look forward to assisting you!

Out of State Buyers - Frequently Asked Questions

To reserve a vehicle, we recommend you leave a minimum deposit of $1,000 or more depending on the vehicle. Please click here for the deposit form.
Yes, but the buyer is responsible for shipping costs. We are happy to provide the information of a shipping company we recommend as they will provide a discounted rate. Regarding the paperwork, we have a digital process called DGSS that will assist with the paperwork and confirmation of identity.
The advertised price for new vehicles on our website, DriveDanaFord.com, and on other platforms reflects Ford incentives applicable to residents in the Staten Island area. Dana Ford may offer different incentives depending on the buyer's place of residence, therefore, pricing may vary. For pre-owned vehicles, the internet price plus applicable fees will be offered to the buyer.
Taxes are charged based on the buyer's state and county tax.
Yes. We can take care of registering the vehicle for you in your state of residence or you can complete the registration yourself if you are paying cash or wire.
Yes. We recommend Lemon Squad - a national inspection company.
Yes, but we will not ship any vehicle without proper funding first. We are happy to assist with financing if needed.
Customers will need to provide state and VIN specific insurance and a valid driver's license. If transferring a license plate, a copy of registration from the state you live will need to be provided. All documentation must match the address to the new registration.
We are happy to work with your schedule. Please keep in mind any requirements your home state has for a vehicle and emissions inspection before title and registration of the vehicle.
The time varies from state-to-state, therefore some exceptions apply. We do strive to deliver your new registration within 60 days.

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